2009 Hyster

2009 Hyster

2009 Hyster 

2009 Hyster  Corporation recently announced via Twitter that they have scheduled the release of their rendering of the 2009 Hyster Automotive Days concept car for April 24th. The company also revealed that the winning designer for the said concept would beTORO worthwhile and among the best in the industry. According to the company, they expect to produce 50 units of this vehicle.

Hyster rendering of Days concept has been viewed and inspected by 50 units of production cars and soon enough, more than likely more than that, cars from Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Chrysler will be seeing the cool lookingHyster Days concept car.  สล๊อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย

In conjunction with Toyota, General Motors has designed a similar concept car called Phoenix. This concept car has been causing quite a stir since its unveiling in 2008. It is designed to look like a hybrid between a sports car and a space ship. Its front end has the proportions of an Aston Martin DB9, the back door has the proportions of a Rolls Royce Phantom, and its interior the design of an Audi A8.

The Phoenix has been such a great success that General Motors will be producing more of this vehicle. The Edmonton plant of General Motors is currently building four models of this vehicle. The first car to be produced is going to be bigger than the Phoenix as the company hopes to build a larger sports car. The second car will be a coupe, the third will be a sedan, and the fourth will be the sports car. These cars are scheduled to go on sale this fall.

The first concept car from Toyota to make its way to the United States was the Sienna. Though the car was a big hit in Europe, it did not do as well in the United States. Perhaps the car makers in Detroit did not think that the idea of a coupe could be successfully carried across the ocean, or perhaps they were not confident that the consumers would welcome a coupe as they find the current Camry design a bit pedestrian. Whatever the case, the outcome of the coupe idea was poor, as only three units were built.

The next big concept car from Toyota should be the one for the Toyota Land Cruiser, the T5. This vehicle has been recently unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show. fittsof the concept are similar to those of the Camry, Tundra, and Highlander. Toyota has also been conceptualizing the shape of this vehicle and it has been revealed that theSidekickis going to be built in the United States. It will be based on the platform used by another car from Toyota, the Highlander. So chances are that the Sidekick will make its way to the United States not just as a concept car but also as a production car.

Another big concept car from Toyota to make its way to the United States is the LFA. The prototype for this vehicle has been created by notable artist Joe styling. The goals of the LFA were to create a compact, two person sports car that could be used for hill running, and at the same time, be efficient enough for city driving. The art style and design were intended to represent something angelic and serpentine, though the actual design has no serpentine design. Toyota has been hoping to export this vehicle to popular racing circuit in the United States.